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Dr. Pat knows all about sponsorship. How? She began in radio as a sponsor and has prepared a sponsorship package based on winning strategies she has personally experienced.

Together we are building a community of people making informed decisions, taking action to positively change their lives, and creating a ripple effect of positive consciousness and unlimited human potential. Our goal may be the same as your goal, "To reach as many people as possible, to deliver a powerful message, and to help change the lives of everyone who is searching for a better way of living life." -Dr. Pat

Our desire is to reach every person on the planet with messages of hope, stories of courage, and resources for creating the life they desire. In a very short time we have reached hundreds of thousands of people with information about the show’s powerful message and the amazing gifts that our guests bring into the world.

Dr. Pat WorldWide™ continues to grow and we want to take you along with us. We have many options and opportunities from which to choose.

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"I truly believe it's possible to live the life you love, to feel alive each morning and to look back at the day with deep gratitude."
-Dr. Pat