Getting to the Heart of What Matters in YOUR Life


That's what Sandy Brewer, PhD, is all about Getting to the Heart of What Matters in YOUR Life. Her point of view is that our experiences do not define us; they are simply passages through which we are traveling. The journey to true self-discovery and empowerment begins with the understanding that no matter what happened yesterday it is insignificant to what lies within the core of our being today.

Sandy shares her gripping journey out of the darkness of extreme childhood abuse into the healing promise of all that we truly are in her award winning memoir Pursuit of Light where she demonstrates the strength of the spirit within each of us. She is a living testimonial to the fact that the School of Life is the greatest University any of us will ever attend and that while it brings bumps in the road, both large and small, life is not about pain and suffering it is about the resurrection of hope, the healing of pain, and the promise of a new day. Says Sandy: I've walked the walk, so I know - scientifically, pragmatically, and philosophically - what works and what doesn't. There is a wisdom and potential in all of us so much greater than our current challenge or our past wounds. Join me in the goal of creating a today filled with love and possibilities. You can learn how to heal and integrate the parts of you that still hurt and limit your ability to make new choices that can change your life today. You can connect to the promise of you that is so much greater than a life time of doubts and be guided into how to use your power of choice to foster your desired change for your life and relationships. I teach practical tools that I know work - for I will only teach those that I have used with myself.

Please join Sandy on Tuesday's at 1 PM PT / 4 PM EST on Transformation Talk Radio. Call in with your questions and we'll get the conversation going as we Get to the Heart of What Matters in YOUR Life.

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