Intuitive Solutions with Deborah Diane


Extraordinary life experiences taught Deborah to access her innate power to heal every area of her life in phenomenal speed. Working with a client base on all seven continents, facilitating groups both in person and over the internet, Deborah has mastered the ability to quickly and easily identify and release subconscious limitations so that others can benefit what she put into practice in her own life.

Deborah inspires others with techniques that enabled her full recovery from a life threatening condition she was born with, despite being told she was incurable. The possibilities are truly limitless, as Deborah demonstrates live on the air during the call-in segment featured in each show.

Intuitive Solutions with Deborah Diane will help you to discover your fullest potential and show you how to create to your BEST life. Intuitive Solutions with Deborah Diane, founder of Conscious Repatterning, can be heard every Monday at 3:00PST/6:00EST on Transformation Talk Radio.