Consciously Living Your Destiny - Joseph Ghabi


The Joseph Ghabi Show – Consciously Living Your Destiny, every Wednesday at 1pm pst and 4pm est on Transformation Talk, will enliven you to break through stagnation and procrastination to fulfill your life's destiny. Joseph is a natural medium and will share his gifts live – on air with you to discover the power of Blueprint Numerology and spiritual healing.

This program is a catalyst to release your old beliefs that no longer work for you. Are you ready for a new and brighter future? Joseph will cover many areas of healing to help clear mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks.

Joseph Ghabi, B.Msc. has always been intrigued by spiritual phenomena and this has been a major influence on him since an early stage in his life. It was at the age of eight that Joseph discovered his clairvoyance. Joseph is a natural medium and he shares his gifts with others through counseling with Blueprint Numerology and Spiritual Healing.

Joseph first book titled: 'The Blueprint of Your Soul' went #1 as a best seller on Amazon

The Blueprint of Your Soul is based on Numerology as a tool to facilitate your understanding of your experiences, lessons, and shed a light on your destiny in this lifetime.