Peace World Radio with Kristina Jansz


Peace World Radio is an energetic, vibrant and engaging show that's getting people talking! Host, Kristina Jansz brings you courageous people, bold in thought and action who are stepping up and using their lives to raise the frequency of the world. Through their thoughts, words, tireless work and boundless determination they are transforming our world and inspiring others to do the same.

Here you will meet people who dare to dream that things can be different. Authors, actors, scientists, activists and so many more, they all think beyond what they were taught and have the courage to not settle, let things slide or look the other way. They have often sacrificed so much to bring into being what they dreamed possible and in doing so, have expanded our awareness of who we can be.

They are helping to create a world of peace, The Peace World.

Their courage gives us hope, the kind that is anchored in Reality and allows us, even as we hear one disturbing newscast after another, to dare to dream that peace is possible.

If you too, believe that the next step in the evolution of Humanity is to live as peace in a world of peace and have been looking for inspiration to become part of this extraordinary step in the evolution of Humanity, then you've got to tune into Peace World Radio and join the talk the world is having!