The Ascension Foundation


The Ascension Foundation is an interdimensional community of higher learning, education, and healing based on the Ascended Master teachings brought forth through the Transphysical Phenomena Mediumship of Reverend Mychael Shane. Our goals and mission is to bring awareness to all that no individual is greater than or less than any other individual; we are all of equal importance. All life has value, honor, and deserves respect. We accept all perspectives and experiences, without judgment. Our Divine Creator exists within each of us as a living energy. By connecting to our higher self through higher levels of spiritual education, truth, and love we create a path for others to find their way through our living example. To accept the call to open our hearts and minds to the Oneness in which we are all created, integrated with the individual experiences that make us all unique, living in a community where communication and resolution are achieved on all levels. We are all spiritual Beings, in an energetic world, having a physical experience.

Mychael's natural psychic abilities and training started in early childhood. At the age of 4 he demonstrated the ability to heal illnesses in others he knew nothing about. Mychael was encouraged to further develop these gifts by his grandmother and many important mentors along the way. Mychael uses a form of mediumship called Trance Physical Phenomena. Trance Physical Phenomena is a rare form of mediumship requiring the medium to be in a deep trance for spirit to work through them. Spirit uses the medium's body and ectoplasm to create physical manifestations, such as transfiguration, materializations, apportations or voice communication by the Masters, guides or departed loved ones for the purpose of healing, and knowledge.

Are you ready to Talk with the Ascended Masters?
"2012 is not an end, but rather the beginning of a new awakening to who you truly are. Remove the bonds that make you a prisoner and connect to your Families of Light. The Oneness of All." Message from Ascended Master Kuthumi as channeled by Mychael.