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For well over 2 decades WellnessOne has been serving Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland with this thought in mind "It's your future, be there healthy." We want you to get to your future in the best possible health. We want you to be healthier today than you were yesterday and for tomorrow to be even better.

To that end we have assembled an excellent team of Chiropractic Doctors, and have associated ourselves with a Naturopathic Doctor, an acupuncturist, a midwife and multiple licensed massage therapists into our two offices. We have put together a caring, energetic and intelligent staff to assist you. And we searched for products to offer you that we know will help you on our journey to health. We are also part of the national non-profit Foundation for Wellness Professionals. This is a national non-profit organization whose focus is to educate healthy lifestyle living and disease prevention. Our Doctors donate their time to help with this endeavor.

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