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Body Divinity

Body Divinity -
Within each journey, I create sacred space where I will guide you towards your becoming the most authentic version of you as we create a clear path for you to step into your truth, embrace your sacred beauty, reclaim your feminine essence and embody the divinity that you are so that you can live a life filled with freedom, joy and beauty once and for all.

In each one of these excursions we will tap into the depths of your soul through the gateways and passage ways of your body where the truth is stored, to rebel against any illusions or separation you have been living by and filling up your body with pure light of divine love which is essential for healing and reclaiming your power, beauty and truth.

Each excursion carries a different energy and vibration and in a very specific succession. So, I invite you to read carefully and listen to your heart. Take a deep breath, sink into your belly and feel what it would feel like to be supported, held and loved in this way because that is what I do! The next step is to set up your divinity activation call with me, through one of the portals below where I’ll hold the space for you to discover what that very next step shall be for you and I. All programs and sessions can be done virtually via skype or phone as well as in person at The Center for Health and Healing in Mt. Kisco, NY

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