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Sponsor Profile: Brenda Thyne

Connections Resource Centre

Brenda Thyne, a medium, is able to connect with those beings beyond the 3rd dimension such as loved ones already crossed over, guides who are with you on your earthly journey, Angels who watch over you and who have messages of love and other Ascended Beings of the Light who bring comforting and compassionate messages and insight as well DIVINE LOVE AND LIGHT-filled support.

An emotional thought and energetic healer, Brenda is able to see into your personal issues and together with Spirit and the Beings of Light, Brenda can help you uncover blocks, challenges and past life issues that may be preventing you from living fully and happily in this lifetime. Together you and Brenda will release them and move towards maximizing your potential and a life of abundant and vibrant health, wealth and LOVE.

As an Alchemical Transmutation Coach, Brenda will work with you over 3 months to move you through a time of shedding old skin and transforming yourself into a newly refined and defined being Brenda will work intuitively with you, along with certain Archetypes to move you through whatever is necessary in order for you to grow into the highest good of your soul.

Brenda is also a psychic and reads the energy within and around you to give you insight into your experiences that offer guidance and confirmation. She also works with Guides and Beings of the Light to bring you information that empowers you, motivates and encourages you to move forward and grow into your maximum potential.

Brenda also reads Tarot Cards which help to confirm and validate, interacting with the client as a visual aid and divining tool for the reading.

Brenda's new show coming soon to Transformation Talk Radio will be called "Connections Radio Show." Stay tuned for the premiere of her show

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