Mary Jane Allen Manifest Your Life Dream

Mary Jane Allen is a Financial Healer and Joy Creation Specialist. As an innovator and visionary in the field of Energetic and Financial Healing, Mary Jane is the founder of Financial Healing University and the creator of the Financial Healing Process.

Mary Jane has a unique set of tools that she uses in the Financial Healing Process to help her clients move past their limiting beliefs and unconscious obstacles that are holding them back from true financial prosperity. Financial Healing involves healing the Soul-level wounds we have accumulated from life experiences in this life and past lives that leave us feeling alone, separate, disempowered and often living with compulsive and addictive-type behaviors in order to cope with our pain and discomfort. When the root causes of our life challenges, including lack around money and joy are healed we heal the true causes of the compulsive and addictive behaviors we have been using to cope in life. As the Soul level wounds are healed, Mary Jane helps her clients create more money in their lives so they can get out of debt and create the wealth they desire. Clients see that prosperity is not dependent on any outside source and in doing so discover the Soul's power to manifest the life they desire.
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