Intuit YOUniversity Sherrie Dillard

Every 2nd and 4th Thursday 12pm pst 3pm est on Transformation Talk Intuit YOUniversity Compassionate Guidance Connecting You to Your Inner Wisdom. Lifelong psychic and medium, Sherrie Dillard will be taking your calls as well as offering tips and exercises to strengthen your intuitive muscle. She has a proven track record of providing accurate and reliable guidance in relationships, career, finances, life purpose, spirituality and all areas of concern. Sherrie believes that we are all psychic. She is the expert in understanding the various ways that intuition naturally surfaces and activating your most powerful and natural wisdom, your psychic knowing. Intuitive and psychic awareness provides beneficial guidance to better negotiate our way through our everyday lives. Sherrie will empower you to tap into the divine within to harness your innate ability to co-create abundance, harmonious relationships, joy and well-being. More information.