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  05/13/2015      01:00 pm

"Under Our Skin" With Filmmaker Andy Abrahams Wilson

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Katina Makris

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Lyme Light Radio is the first talk show of its kind, devoted to Lyme disease and associated conditions. Innovative, inspirational and informative, we will promote dialogue on America's fastest spreading infectious illness; Lyme disease.

Our mission is to amend the confusion, disparity and lack of information on this insidious bacteria, the associated co-infections and the auto-immune style conditions a misdiagnosed or mismanaged case can create, as well as address prevention, diagnostics and acute care.

Interviews with cutting edge scientists, authors, health care practitioners, advocates, laboratories, and spokespeople will help bring awareness and education to a population that is waking up to the fact that, like HIV in the 1980's, Lyme disease is destroying lives rapidly and immediate help is needed.

Listeners can call in with questions and comments, as we are live and stream on the web globally.

Having overcome bedridden status from advanced neurological Lyme disease, your host, Katina Makris, lends compassion and insight into the emotional and spiritual components of Lyme disease, as well as the physical suffering. Steeped in decades of Holistic Medical expertise, Katina brings a message of hope and healing to listeners, the power of our inner healing reservoirs cannot be dismissed.

Tune in on Wednesdays and be part of the creative and intellectual forces of change. We aim to create a healthier future for all