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Mychael Shane

The Mychael Shane Show - Conversations with The Ascended Masters

Every 3rd and 4th Monday at 11am Pacific 2pm Eastern on KKNW and Transformation Talk

As a Transphysical Phenomena Medium, Mychael has spent his life connecting with the Ascended Masters to share their knowledge, principles, healing and light to all.

Mychael is working to create a platform and vibration with which to teach others how to connect to the Ascended Masters. They are co-creating a community where each and every member learns to connect with their own inner teacher, whereby the veil separating the dimensions begins to fade.

With guidance from the Universal Board, Mychael and The Ascension Foundation are working with people to help them discover their own truth. Classes, events, lectures and healing are offered in the highest vibration through the teachings of the Masters.



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Dr. Julie Krull

Colette Marie Stefan

Dr. Nooshin Darvish

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Katina Makris

Brenda Thyne

Dr. James Rosenwald

Cathy Fleury

Kris Steinnes

Dr. Friedemann Schaub

AJ Speiginer

Michael Sheehan

Dr. Steven Thain

Christine Upchurch

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Dr. Teresa Hazelwood

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Mia Simone

Dr. Kelly Neff

Gary Douglas / Dr. Dain Heer

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