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  02/11/2014      02:00 pm

The Michelle Bond Show - Awaken To A New Reality - Changing our relationship with death Part 2 with Stephen Garrett

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Michelle Bond

Do you ever wonder why you feel off balance and out of focus most of your life Would you like to have an 'aha' moment every day The Michelle Bond Show Awaken to a New Reality will empower you to feel wonderment every moment of every day. This hit show provides healthy empowering knowledge and information which gives hope to everyone from the healthy to the health challenged. Get ready to restore and maintain your health and well-being through learning the latest complementary and alternative medicine modalities. Your new reality will introduce you to an unlimited world of possibilities with the gumption to take epic action for your life. This call-in show with Vedic Astrologer expert, Michelle Bond, will give you insight to wide range of topics from nutrition, to lifestyle choices to manifesting your wildest dreams.



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