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  04/16/2013      03:00 pm

The Sean and Jen Show: Soul Path Insights
A Return Visit with Paul and Debs Rees

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Jennifer K. Garcia

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The Sean and Jen Show Soul Path Insights Radio is a synergistic forum to assist you in gaining a deeper perspective and understanding in your everyday life. This hit show, with Sean and Jen, will have you saying "Yes" to as much abundance as you desire. Imagine a happier soul radiating energy in all areas of your life. Yes - Your Life

Sean and Jen deliver a passionate message that provides you with a wealth of knowledge to break through to your best you. Discover your Soul Path. This show will raise levels of intuition, knowing, and keep you on the edge of your seat.

So, get ready to understand the meaning and message in your life and how to shift obstacles into opulence. Saturate yourself with powerful intuitive coaching, live readings, and transformative tools as Sean and Jen dare you to live your best life This fantastic new show starts

About Jen
In the early years, Jennifer K. Garcia grew up being very intuitive, but it's not something she talked much about. Sometimes "knowing" things about people frightened her. For fear of being judged she decided it was better to fit in than stand out from the crowd. Jennifer attempted to shut down her clairvoyance throughout periods of her life and adhere to the rules of mainstream society. After graduating from college Jennifer became an overachiever in the world of Corporate America.

In her previous life's work Jennifer had a very successful and lucrative career as a top business development and sales executive within companies like ATT and Comcast. She coached and trained individuals, teams and business divisions on how to be successful at client acquisition and to how increase revenues 20-30 year over year. Jennifer has won awards for being the sales executive of the year and was a top performer within the corporate environment for over 13 years.

After meeting her husband, Sean DeMarco and the birth of her 1st son she could not deny her true self any longer. Her Soul kept calling to her that there was another way of life and that she needed to make a change, help others and acknowledge all facets of herself. The achievement of a 6 figure income, working, traveling and unbalanced lifestyle began to lose its allure and she craved more. By tapping into her vision quest to find the meaning of happiness for her and her family began.

Soul Path Insights was born. Through her own intuitive guidance Jennifer made the heart centered decision to help people and families uncover who they really are and the steps to get there. First by assisting them to tell their story, second, connecting them with their soul compass and finally helping them walk their true Soul Path.

By combining her skills, Jennifer helps her clients on a journey of self-discovery. She helps them build a complete picture of the whole-self and its mission in this life. She has worked with her clients and their higher self to put the pieces the puzzle together, past lives, relationships, career, money, health and to help create a new reality by tapping into their personal story. Jennifer also facilitates soul puzzle workshops and helps people uncover the higher self and intuitive abilities.

Jennifer holds a B.A. from NMSU and graduated from the Fox Holistic Psychic Development Program. Jennifer is a certified clairvoyant, medical intuitive, Reiki Master and specializes in soul readings from the Akashic Records.

Currently, Jennifer is the owner and Co-founder of Soul Path Insights. She resides near Denver, Colorado with her husband and two sons, where she is working on a variety of workshops, one on one sessions and co-hosting an internet radio show, "The Sean and Jen Show Soul Path Insights Radio" with her partner and husband Sean DeMarco Garcia.



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