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Host Profile: Laura Longley


Laura Longley

The Laura Longley Show with Host Laura Longley

Where authentic change takes flight.

Your host Laura Longley gives you the tools you need to get unstuck. Laura's friendly, supporting and expert advice gives you the clarity and tools you need to deal with blockages and setbacks. Laura will inspire you to stay true to your unique gifts, your authenticity and your dreams. And she'll show you how you can move forward in your life, one step at the time.

A Welcome Word from Laura…

Hi there, welcome to The Laura Longley Show. I wanted to reach out to you, to tell you how grateful I am for your visit, and give you my special invitation to join our show every week.

It is my mission to inspire people to lead happy, satisfying and fulfilled lives. And one of the ways I can help you do this is by offering you my gifts so you can discover yours.

Every week I'll invite special guests who will share their stories and expertise with you. And along the way I will share mine. The things that make life on Earth so special is the relationships we foster with the people we love.

It's about you waking up each morning with a smile on your face. It's about finding and then tapping into your unique gifts… so you can share them with others and inspire them to be great.

You'll get a chance to get live free coaching on each show. You will be encouraged to ask your questions on the show and then receive live coaching for free. This will help you get unstuck. And chances are, you'll help other listeners out there who are in the same position right now.

My ultimate hope is that you, in turn, will inspire, enlighten and encourage others to be more of who they truly are.

Each show will give you the tools and information you need to work through common problems and stuck-points. You can easily use these tools at home. We'll then open up the phone lines for live coaching. And you can ask us any question you like. So we can help you break through your blockages right there and then… or at least get started in the right direction.

My guests will be experts in their own industry. Each of them offers you their alternative approach to discover and walk your own unique path. Some of the guests scheduled include hypnotherapists, EFT practitioners, acupuncturists and astrologers. These guests will happily answer your calls about your own particular situation.

Need help figuring out what to do with your life? Don't know what you want to be when you grow up? Watch Laura's presentation "Discover Your Personal Brand of Success" to get started discovering your own ideal career.

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