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  08/19/2011      02:00 pm

Opening to Ecstasy with host Lynnet McKenzie: Opening to Ecstasy with Guest Hosts Umoh Luna and Atim Kavi -
Sex and sensuality: From pain, to power to pleasure with Bonnie Stearn

Guest Profile

Umoh Luna

Umoh Luna is a transformational healer gifted with soulful intuitive abilities, great compassion and razor sharp insight. She combines her healing abilities with her business background with entrepreneurs, small business owners and owning her own franchise. This combination enables her to share how to unleash divine power in your business to get in the flow, attract ideal clients, increase your profits and breathe new life into your big vision.
She sees into what is majestic about you so you can amplify it and draw in your much deserved riches through sharing your special gifts and living your bliss.


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