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  03/25/2014      11:00 am

Alive and Shine with Aadil and Savitri!: Farewell for Now

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Savitri is a Meditation and Kundalini Master, who, along with her husband Aadil, is co-director of The College of Purna Yoga and Alive and Shine Center, in Bellevue, Washington. She teaches Purna Yoga Meditation, a profound meditation based on her inner contact with great masters, using simple techniques applicable in day-to-day life.

By age 21, after the sudden death of her parents in a plane crash and the violent death of her sister, Savitri deeply wanted to understand why God would allow these seemingly terrible things to happen. Prompted by these traumatic events, she began to pray. Her sincere desire to understand what had happened to her family led Savitri to what would become her life's work.

Savitri has taught meditation since 1992 and was voted the most influential spiritual teacher in the Northwest by the readers of Conscious Choice Magazine. Thousands around the world use her techniques daily to welcome their souls more deeply into their bodies.