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  11/03/2009      11:00 am

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: What does it take to be Authentic in the world today? Dr. Pat's guest is authenticity expert Norma T Hollis.

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Norma T. Hollis

Norma T. Hollis

About Norma T. Hollis / The Authentic Path
Norma T. Hollis has always listened to the quiet voice within & acted on itno matter what. From her earliest childhood memories, she had a knowing that hers was a huge purpose to realize during this lifetime. At the same time, Hollis always felt misunderstood by the most influential people around her. She was born with a deeply spiritual perspective of life that was and continues to be different from most.

Hollis is totally in her element as an authenticity expert in the field of personal development. She has initiated an Authenticity Movement & is teaching others around the country about the largely misunderstood, yet life altering value of authenticity.