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  06/07/2017      08:00 am

The Truth is Funny .....shift happens! with Host Colette Marie Stefan: Three steps for Moms to make more Time With Karen Campbell Betten

Guest Profile

Karen Campbell Betten

Karen Campbell Betten is the founder and owner of Limitless Living, LLC where she works as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Franklin Method Instructor to clients all over the world. Karen has an extensive background in Western Medicine as both a Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurse. Karen was first introduced to The BodyTalk System in 2009. Shortly after that, she experienced her first session. This was noted to be one of the most powerful experiences in her life to date. She was blown away at the release of an angst, anxiety and "weight of the world" she had become accustomed to struggling with in her daily life since entering nursing school. She had no reference or experience to understand how such a shift and release could happen without drugs, surgery, pain and/or a struggle. She instantly knew she had to find out more.

The BodyTalk system has been the first response modality used in her family for all illness, injury and/or conflict since her introduction to it in 2009. She is in awe to report having had no “sick visits” to a pediatrician for any of her children in the last 9 years! Yes, that also means no antibiotics or medications of any type have been needed. To date, her family meets with the pediatrician annually to fill out the paperwork for the school and he reports each year how very “lucky” they are! She is also a Certified Franklin Method Instructor teaching workshops that are a powerful adjunct to both rehab and physical therapy as well as those looking to enhance ease and longevity in the body and mind while at the same time improving strength, flexible and co-ordination. The capacity the human body has to regain optimal functioning, health, and wellness regardless of the obstacles it encounters is far greater than we have been conditioned to believe.

Her mission is to open the hearts and minds of as many people as possible to the unique capacity each individual has to create change, joy, and abundance in their lives.