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  12/12/2014      01:00 pm

Voices of Women with Host Kris Steinnes: The Flower of Life, How We Are Woven with Mosa Baczewska and May Every Woman Walk into the New World Carrying Her Own Drum with Starfeather Marcy

Guest Profile



Starfeather began women's sacred circles in the Seattle area in 1990 and has been a constant facilitator, gatherer and ceremonialist ever since. She owned and operated a new age store, Starfeathers Gallery, in Edmonds for over sixteen years and is known for her art and craft work, including drum making and teaching.

Starfeather is a Reconnective Healing practitioner and a trained sound healing facilitator. Currently she works as a spiritual teacher, channel, and writer and has a healing practice in Edmonds, WA. She facilitates The Medicine Shield Retreat, a spiritual quest for women, semi-annually at La Push, WA.