The Christine Upchurch Show: Drawing Solutions: How a Simple Picture Will Change Everything with guest Patti Dobrowolski

Have you ever wondered how to accelerate manifesting the things you want more of in your life? In this interview with Christine, Patti Dobrowolski, author of DRAWING SOLUTIONS: How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your Life will share stories and tips on how and why to use a visual when you are goal setting from the perspective of both the neuroscience and mystical/spiritual components that weave together the fabric of change.


Christine Upchurch

The Christine Upchurch Show Stellar Conversations To Illuminate Your Journey Fridays 11am pacific / 2pm eastern Over the course of my career, I have had the privilege of ...

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Patti Dobrowolski

Patti Dobrowolski is a nationally acclaimed strategic illustrator, change activator, high-performance business consultant, speaker and the author of DRAWING SOLUTIONS: How V...

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