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The Janis Underwood Show: Unleashing the Creator Within....For Real!: The Latest in Transformational Technology with Beth McDonald

  12/11/2017  09:00 am PST

I am so happy to have one of America's Top Corporate Intuitives, Beth McDonald. It's going to be a great time! Beth always has something new to share that is not only uplifting but doable. During our time together, we'll be discussing how the trials and triumphs of our every-changing world beckon us to move forward and how following the call requires us to constantly develop new skills, tools and tactics in order to succeed. To me, Beth serves as an inspiring example of courage, integrity, and creating success intentionally. She's a great asset to have in your toolbox to help you create the life you want, not the life you tolerate. 

Episode giveaways: Discounted gift certificates and pre-paid sessions available for purchase. No limit on how many you can buy, no expiration date. Offer expires 12/31/17.


Janis Underwood

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Beth McDonald

Solving Problems, Bringing Peace. Beth McDonald is a Santa Barbara-based psychic, astrologer, writer, and business consultant. She provides spiritually-based guidance and in...

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