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Dr. Pat's Holistic Makeover™

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A Transformational Journey for Our Listeners...

Change, Renew, Expand, Transform YOUR

horizons with the support of dozens of healing professionals, experts and consultants - all standing by and ready to help you become the person you always wanted to be!

Win a Makeover!

Ever wondered why some people change their lives and others can't? After years of working with a cross section of people, Dr. Pat shares the keys to unlock the issues that keep people from being in harmony and manifesting the life they desire. Is this you?

  • Relationships not working?
  • Hard to manifest the money you desire?
  • Working at an unfulfilling job?
  • Unhappy with your body or health?
  • Look at others living abundantly and feel envious?
  • Spiritually bankrupt?
  • Can't stop those self defeating thoughts?

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Dr. Pat will lead a team of experts who perform makeovers

....from the inside out!

A chance to dream bigger!

"If you are going to dream, dream BIG!"

Chris Robinson

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It’s a makeover from the inside out!

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"I truly believe it's possible to live the life you love, to feel alive each morning and to look back at the day with deep gratitude."
-Dr. Pat