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Dr. Pat Baccili is in high demand as a keynote speaker on a variety of topics. Through her dynamic, insightful and exciting radio shows, speaking engagements, seminars for small and large group, and one-on-one sessions with clients, she helps people eliminates all of the yeah-buts, should-ofs, could-ofs and would-ofs from their thinking. She shows people how to make a contract with themselves so they can remove the word, canít, from their lives.

Dr. Pat is an award winning author and research, acknowledged by her peers for her research on Consequences of Organizational and Leader Psychological Contract Violations, Perceptions of Justice, Emotions and Commitment. She was also one of the first organizational psychologists to identify distinct categories of organizational and managerial obligations to employees and their effect on the employement relationship and the changing nature of work. To discuss the possibilities of booking Dr. Pat, email Linda, Linda@

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