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Dr. Pat, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker


Whether you hire Pat for 1 hour or 1 week, youíll learn how to:

REMOVE mental and psychological "CRUST" that hinder peak performance.

SHIFT beliefs from "I canít" to "I can" Awesomeness Model.

SET INTENTION to the realization that you deserve what you desire.

CREATE a undeniable approach to target complete goal achievement.

EXCAVATE under crust conditioning to find your awesomeness.

VISUALIZE using techniques to achieve positive and quicker results.

PERSEVERE beyond the comfort zone of limitations.

TARGETING techniques to achieve optimum performance outcomes.

ACT using the keys to fully participate and initialize daily transformation.

THRIVE with the Crust Busting laws of prosperity in every part of your life.

Brief Biography

Dr. Pat Baccili has dedicated 25 years of her life to mentor, teach and coach thriving principles and prosperity to millions worldwide. She is an internationally recognized expert in the human potential field who makes a positive difference helping others realize their dreams. To Pat, there is no such thing as failure. There are simply people, places and things that are placed in our paths to help us understand our true nature and what we are meant to do in this lifetime. Powerful, compassionate and inspirational, Dr. Pat helps people see the truth of who people really are - AWESOME...

Pat has formulated tools for individuals to identify goals and strategically plan producing positive results with certainty. Patís 7 Practices of Positive Changeô provides a framework for individuals, groups and teams, and organizations to follow to achieve outstanding results. Patís audiences include organizations and people all over the planet who tune-in to Patís #1 radio show.

A Few Topics

  • "Living in the Crust Free Zone"
  • "The 7 Practices to Positive Change™"
  • "The Power of Conviction: It is the belief that gets you there"
  • "Maximum Confidence; Disciplines to creating happiness and fulfillment everyday"
  • "Busting Through the Change Myth: The Ball is in Your Court"
  • "From Surviving to Thriving"
  • "Let Your Awesomeness Rock Your Soul"

These are just a few areas that you can explore to break through to your unlimited possibilities.

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